Ever read something disturbing then wonder how you could possibly help the person the article is about? Well I have. I always said in to myself, “I hope this person gets justice, or someone is able to help them out.” Never thinking there is something I could do. Until I decided to dig my heels in and send a letter of support. How on earth could I continue thinking the way I was if I considered myself a helper?

Well, I found myself investigating how I could achieve my ultimate goal, sending a letter of support followed by an email. In fact, several letters of support were sent along with follow up emails. At first I found myself suddenly speechless, unable to find the right words to write this letter of support. That is until I stopped thinking of myself and started thinking about how this person that was going through this hardship I read about, felt. Then the words flowed like a river. Not mushy, just supportive and uplifting, as much as I could.

Many others in a group I was a member of, a fan club, got together over the internet and started a writing campaign. It was well received by the person and their family. This became a healing process for all of us. Some shared an example of what to say for those that found it difficult to find the words. Others cheered on the number of letters and emails sent and encouraged to send more. One member offered to receive all the letters then send them on to another member to save money. The member receiving the letters and emails took them to the family of the person in the article. We are all happy that they were well received and sent back a big thank you via the person who delivered them.

The healing process is immense when you reach out to another human being. Just the act of uplifting another to try and make them feel better helps you as well.  I will always remember the feeling and be happy that I was part of helping someone feel better and know that they have support.

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