Friendship = Support

We all have friends that we love and love to be around. Whether it is you or your friend or friends seeing the best or worst side of you. We commit to supporting one another come hell or high water, right?

But what if you had a favorite actor or actress that you liked and suddenly he or she was in need of moral support. Perhaps being accused of allegations that they say are untrue. The media jumps in and now it is “trial by media” and it has turned into a three-ring circus. You research as much as you can to find out what you can. Weighing the accusations, you are left with whether you want to continue to like this person. What exactly can you do? How can you show your support of the accused?

Well, now you know where I am coming from. I found myself in the same situation. One of my favorite actors was now faced with allegations of a sexual nature. I did look into what the whole story was, the accuser’s side of the story as well as the actor’s side. I decided to support my favorite actor. Why? Personal choice. Due to the fact that it hit close home on a different level. The allegations were totally different, but none the less it is damaging when you are accused of something you didn’t do but the court system is now involved.

The damage that comes from false accusations are immeasurable. The task of clearing your name is not only costly but draining emotionally. Nothing can compare to the pain of all of this on a grand scale. So what do you do? You find out what kind of person you really are. Bystander or defender? You choose.

Now I am talking about my favorite actor here. I don’t know him personally and I don’t have to. Being careful in what I was committing to, I chose to move forward in my support. Finding out what that encompassed I researched what kind of support existed already. Joining groups on social media that also offered addresses or email addresses for moral support and encouragement. It ran the gamut, and now I was hitting the ground running.

I found solace in what I was doing. Reaching out to another human being that was being attacked and their career threatened. I could only imagine what hurt he was feeling. Of course there were news snippets of lawyers being hired and court papers filed. But aside from all of this, the pain that follows. Sure, you have your family around you. Telling you how much they care, being on your side, etc. But as my father used to say, “You can be in a crowded room and still feel lonely.” That’s the part that got to me. No one deserves that.

I joined five groups on social media leaving words of encouragement. There were naysayers that left unpleasant comments. But that just made me more determined. I didn’t engage in fighting with them. I just continued with my support. Emails were sent saying that I believed in him. It made me feel better and I was hoping he felt the same way. I started to include his partner, girlfriend of eight years in the support. Also his family. Let’s face it, they were going through the hardship of the accusations as well. I was elated when the groups got word that the family appreciated our encouragement as well as his girlfriend.

Moving like a well oiled machine, we started messaging each other different stories of how we met him, pictures taken with him, favorite pictures we liked. Whatever he was in we shared it with one another. Of course this fight far from being over, but at least he knows there is love, hope, and support from those that he has given so much to over the years. Perfect strangers, but fans none the less, becoming friends that turned out to equal support at the time when needed.

#Fans of Craig McLachlan   #We Support Craig McLachlan and Oppose Trial by Media   #Support Craig McLachlan   # Save The Doctor Blake Mysteries   #The Doctor Blake Mysteries Fan Club


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